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The International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO) is devoted to promoting the spread of humanism among young people. IHEYO is working together with many groups and individuals around the world. With humanism in practice IHEYO means all humanist, freethinker, laique, skeptic, rationalist, atheist, agnostics, etc. groups.

December Issue of Youthspeak 2013

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IHEYO October Youthspeak is Out

Dear Readers, We are glad to bring you the October 2013 issue of IHEYO youthspeak. This quarter was a time for IHEYO to expand its activities in various continents around the world.

Spreading Science in a Religiously Oriented Country: An Astronomy Lecturer’s Perspective

Having toured most cities around the island of Mindanao, here in the Philippines, as an astronomy lecturer (providing basic astronomical lessons for children at elementary and secondary levels),

Volunteerism: The Core of Humanism in the Philippines

Humanist Confirmations: A Secular Alternative

Humanistisk Samfund
(the Danish Humanist Society), Denmark
The aim of the Humanist Confirmation program in Denmark is to empower young people in independent thinking and ethical actions.


One Life Entertainment: Humanist Empowerment through Music

Humanist Association for Leadership, Equity and Accountability (HALEA), Uganda
One Life Entertainment is an Entertainment School based in Kampala, Uganda. The school offers the opportunity for talented underprivileged teens and young mothers a rare chance to gain the skills they need to become the ‘next stars’ in the entertainment world.

Marching Against Improper Cultural Practices

Society of Humanism Nepal (SOCH), Nepal
‘Kuriti’ is the Nepali word for improper cultural practices; practices maintained as customs or traditions, which violate an individual’s human rights.
57 such improper cultural practices have been identified in Nepali society. These improper cultural practices or ‘kuriti’ mainly victimize members of marginalized groups, such as women, children, untouchables, and other economically deprived members of society.

International Exchange: From Havelland to Vijayawada

The Atheist Centre, India and Humanist Freethinker Association Havelland, Germany
The Atheist Centre based in Vijayawada, India, recently hosted around a dozen German youth sponsored by the Humanist Freethinker Association Havelland, Germany.

African Regional Humanist Meeting

The IHEYO Regional African Working Group Meeting and Training was held from the 25th till the 27th October 2013. The meeting was organized by IHEYO in Conjunction with HIVOS and HALEA.
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